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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 2, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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all to help keep your hands healthy. the lysol no-touch hand soap system. never touch a germy soap pump again. gogood morning, america. on this tuesday, march 2nd. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning, concern growing over chaos in chile. thousands of troops sent to restore order, as we learn much more about the powerful tsunami that destroyed the chilean coast. we're live from the epicenter. and new details in the case of that missing california honor student. a convicted sex offender with a shocking history, has now been booked on suspicion of murder. so, why was he on the streets in the first place? and they promise to deliver in rain, sleet and snow. but what about saturdays? why you may soon be losing your weekend mail. imagine losing your deposit on a new house. but in this case, $53 million. that was just a deposit.
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so, what does the house look like? you're going to see. >> times tough, even for billionaires. >> you know, $53 million just doesn't buy you what it used to. >> i guess not. but in chile, the destruction continues. >> we're learning the extent of that damage for the 8.8 earthquake. and the tsunami that followed. entire towns washed away by that giant wave. >> secretary of state clinton will be there. the country pleading for help. we'll be live in the hardest-hit areas. also this morning, president obama gets his annual physical. and he's struggling with that smoking. saying he's 95% cured. we bring in dr. richard besser to find out what that means and what we can learn from the president's physical. we begin this morning with the latest from chile. jeffrey kofman has been following the trail of destruction.
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and he joins us from san haljav. >> reporter: these are adobe structures built of mud and straw. and as you can imagine, they don't have the strength to withstand, the 8.8 quake that turned parts of this country upside down. the chilean military has gone into the areas we reported looting and chaos. long before sunrise, we saw long lines for gasoline. it can be found, if you are patient. and with more than 100 aftershocks, many are more comfortable sleeping under the stars. scenes like this are common. i never thought that what we saw on the news in haiti just a few weeks ago, he says, would happen to us here in chile. it wasn't until we arrived in curico, an inland city 150 miles south of santiago, that we saw
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significant destruction. fragile buildings that fell like mass sticks. this was the 180 yeerl building that housed the city newspaper. we saw long lines at banks. and we couldn't help noticing this woman. we ran from the house, she says, just as a wave 30 feet high came and washed it into the ocean. that wave was a tsunami. as we left town, we passed this truck, ominously filled with coffins. the owner told us he had an order for 36. and many more would follow. further south in concepcion, at the epicenter, people are living in fear. fear of violence and looting, like the anarchy that led to this supermarket fire. and rescue workers searched through the night, looking for 11 people who are still missing from this apartment complex. meanwhile, this woman looked in vain for her missing mother. i found my mom's shoes, she says. and i want to give them back to
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her, if i find her. and, robin, through the night, we had more aftershocks. we've lost count. but there's certainly been more than 100 aftershocks since saturday's quake. some through the night were actually quite strong. if you haven't experienced them, the world really does shake around you. and you don't know how long it's going to lost and how strong it's going to be. >> we have a sense of the destruction, looking behind you there, jeffrey. the woman you were talking to about the 30-foot wave, we're learning more about the destruction along the coastline left by the tsunami. >> reporter: that's right. they're calling it a faux tsunami. this wasn't just a lilt water disturbed. now, they're finding that the water actually rushed inland more than a mile, taking with it these small, fishing villages and outports. entire little communities were washed into the city. and this is the end of the summer vacation season here in chile. and so, people were actually -- it was labor day weekend for the people of chile.
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so, people were actually at the seashore, to celebrate the end of summer. and many of them didn't survive. >> i know you're going to do more reporting there for us, jeffrey kofman. thank you so much. we appreciate that. it's coming up on five minutes after the hour. and juju chang has the other major stories for us this morning. >> good morning, everyone. we begin the newscast with changing times at the post office. the postal service is proposing major changes today that could affect when and how your mail is delivered. lisa stark joins us from washington. lisa, what are we expecting to hear? >> reporter: juju, one of the most drastic changes the post office will suggest, is cutting mail delivery from six days a week, to five. losing that saturday delivery. it's all to deal with crippling budget problems. last year, the post office lost $3.8 billion. and mail volume was down nearly 13%. it's all because many of us are paying our bills and sending our greetings online.
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that's really cut into the life blood of the postal service, which is first class mail. in addition to possibly eliminating saturday service, the post office wants to open up small minipost offices, in retail outlets, such as grocery stores, for example. that could allow them to close post office branchs. but all of this has to be approved by congress. it's very controversial, as you might imagine. the post office warns, though, if changes like this are not approved, you will see postal rates, those mail rates, skyrocket. juju? >> thanks, lisa stark, for that update. in other news, there are new questions about toyotas that have not been recalled. an analysis by "the new york times," finds the number of complaints by runaway cameras built before 2007, is similar to those included in the recall. top toyota executives could be grilled about this today, as the senate holds a third, congressional hearing on the company's recalls. this morning general motors has announced a recall of its own. more than 1 million chevy
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cobalts made between 2005 and 2010, and some pontiac g5s are being recalled because of faulty power steering, which could make the cars hard to steer at low speeds. senator jim bunning is refusing to stand down, after holding up a vote that extends unemployment benefits for thousands of americans. he blocked money for highway construction, leaving projects in limbo and 2,000 workers furloughed without pay. our jonathan karl had a tough time getting bunning to explain his stance. >> we wanted to ask you -- >> this is a senator-only elevator. >> reporter: can i get on the elevator? >> no. you may not. >> reporter: can you tell us why you're blocking it? >> excuse me. >> reporter: are you concerned about those that are going to lose their benefits? >> bunning later explained he favors the bill but wants to pay for it using unspent stimulus money. the debate could last until next week.
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a new study out this morning finds alcohol and marijuana use among teenagers are on the rise. for the first time in a decade. 39%, that's more than 6 million teens admit drinking in the last month. up 4% from 2008. and 25% admit smoking marijuana. that's up 6% from 2008. finally, researchers say children across the country are snacking too much. new findings show american kids are eating an average of three snacks a day, in addition to their regular meals. those snacks account for 27% of their daily calories. that's the news at 7:08. my kids are guilty of that. they snack at school. they snack after school. the snacks are less nutritious. parents are guilty of allowing that. >> i love how you said, my kids do that. no. you do that to your kids. >> guilty as charged. >> snacks. >> they're reaching into the cabinet. >> one healthy snack my kids like are fruit rollups. you can pretend that's healthy,
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i guess. >> we like to ensure ourselves of that. go ahead, sam. >> i'm just saying, as soon as you're old enough to get in the cabinet, you're responsible for your own snacking. i could reach that cabinet at about 4 or 5 years old. sorry, mom. let's get to the boards. one or two things to talk about this morning. what could be mountain snow here. from chattanooga to nashville. but it's a grassy surface snow. raleigh, richmond, the same thing. this is better than originally forecast. strong to severe thunderstorms will hit south florida today. an isolated tornado is possible there. we have to talk about the storms in the west coast. we'll do that later today. rain and mountain snow there. that's the first of many.
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we'll talk more about the storms on both coasts in the next half hour. george, by the way, in case you need more trivia, up on the
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"gma" page, it's on the right-hand side. we're going to turn to president obama's first official physical in the white house. he's in great shape, with the heart like an athlete. but press secretary robert gibbs had to bat back a flurry of questions yesterday, about some habits that the doctors want him to control. and jake tapper is at the white house. gibbs seemed to enjoy it. >> reporter: the white house insists there's nothing tactical about this. they're not trying to make the president seem like an everyman. they're trying to be upfront about his health. for the millions of americans that struggle with high cholesterol and cigarettes, the president feels your pain. the president's proclivity for marlboros has been hard to break. >> as a former smoker, i struggle with it. i don't do it in front of my kids. i don't do it in front of my family. i would say i am 95% cured. >> reporter: but that may not be enough for his wife, who in 2007, told cbs' '60 minutes" he had to quit.
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>> that was one of my prerequisites for entering into this race, he couldn't be a smoking president. >> reporter: of course, since then, the president has assumed the weight of the world. is it more difficult because this is probably the most stressful year he's ever had? i assume. >> yeah. i can't imagine that that helps. >> reporter: smoking can also impact the patient's ldl, so-called bad cholesterol. and that was the doctor's second concern. the president's ldl level is elevated. two years ago, the president scored 96. today, he's at 138, rated borderline high by the american heart association. the white house blamed it on his 2008 campaign diet and a white house chef at his beck and call. >> you think he eats carrots and celery. there's more cheeseburgers, fries and pie than you previously knew. >> reporter: on marine one, on the way back from the national naval medical center, the
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president said, look, i just have to say no to dessert more often. >> he's got to use more presidential restraint. >> reporter: and one other interesting tidbit, george, for the 48-year-old, 180-pound president, he had a virtual colonosco colonoscopy. they decided to do that instead of a standard colonoscopy, because they didn't want to have the transfer of power for when the president would go under anesthesia. >> thank you, jake. dr. richard besser. i guess that's not the kind of term a doctor would use. but what does it mean? >> it's not the kind of term you use. 95% of what? it depends on where you started from. clearly, it sounds like he's making progress. he's getting closer to quitting. and it's easier to quit if you're a light smoker than if you're a heavy smoker. but he hasn't quit. >> right. but we were talking about this yesterday after we first learned about it. my reaction is, what is the big deal?
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he's got the most stressful job on the planet. couple cigarettes a day. so what? >> there's more and more research coming out on the impact of light smoking. what you're finding is, if you have three cigarettes a day, you have 70% of the risk of someone who is having two packs a day. >> 70%? >> yeah. there's a lot of cardiovascular problem from just a few cigarettes a day. getting cigarettes totally out is what you have to shoot for. most people who try to quit smoking, they fail the first few times. he's in a great position to teach the country about how hard it is. but how you can succeed. >> how do you take the last step? >> you need help. he's doing the nicorette gum. even with the support, only 30% to 40% will be smoke-free in a year. but if you do it on your own, 95% of people at the end of a year, back to smoking. >> the president clearly in great shape. 180 pounds. low heart rate. yet his cholesterol goes up. >> two years ago, he had cholesterol below 100.
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now, it's above 130, which is in the borderline high range. the press secretary blames it on his diet. that's a good place to start. he had other markers that's a good sign of cardiac health. you look at the ratio of your total cholesterol to your high cholesterol. you want that under five. his is 3.4, which is very good. you look at having called crp, and you want that under one. his is very low. there's mixed markers. he can go after that with diet. >> if it's borderline, why not take the statens? >> i think putting someone on a drug for their entire life when you can treat it with diet isn't the way to go. there's mixed opinions on that. but he's going to tackle it by adding fruits, vegetables and fiber. we have a controversy that began at a school in rhode island and quickly took on national heat. the school board fired every,
7:16 am
single teacher in one of the worst performing high schools in the state. now, even the president is weighing in on this. and dan harris is here with that story. dan? >> reporter: robin, good morning. the president came out and agreed with the school board. saying, if this is what it takes to improve performance, so be it. this morning, the teachers at central falls high school are furious. they're using disappointed, disillusioned and betrayed. it was a surreal scene. the school board calling out the names of 93 teachers, administrators and other staff, and firing them en masse. >> shame on you. >> reporter: this morning, they're even more upset. and here's why. a speech that president obama gave on monday in which he said he supported the firings, calling the school chronically troubled. >> when the school board wasn't able to change by other means, they voted to lay off the faculty and staff. our kids only get one chance at an education. and we need to get it right. >> reporter: i met george and
7:17 am
ann mclaughlin, the day after they learned they would be losing their jobs after the school year. we caught up with them again after the president's speech. >> we were tremendously disappointed by president obama. we hope that he brings back our faith in him by reconsidering what he said today. >> reporter: leaders from the national and local teachers unions put out a statement, accusing the president of scapegoating teachers at a school where there's a difficult population. >> they were taking the steps. they were moving forward. they were getting the community involved. >> reporter: as a candidate, president obama -- education experts predict this could be the first of many schoolhouse cleanics. a tactic that some critics say doesn't work. part of that calculation appears to be on the depth of the problems at central falls high school.
7:18 am
the director of education, arne duncan went out of his way to say that school has an 87% teacher absentee rate. that's a lot. >> secretary duncan wanted to make sure that you were aware of that number. this is going on across the country. the threat of this. and a lot of people are paying attention and saying this could happen elsewhere. >> reporter: yeah. and i think there's a real chance you will see this type of group firing or radical steps to fix troubled schools the president has made this a real priority. >> dan, thanks so much. >> it's part of the effort we're going to talk to general and mrs. powell about in our next hour. we turn to the definition of a high-class problem. here it is. after falling in love with the world's most expensive house, you decide it's a little too much house than you can afford. you walk away from the deposit, $53 million. nick watt has the story. >> reporter: mikhail provorov, is a billionaire, with a taste
7:19 am
for the beach. three years ago, he offered $500 million for this crib on the french riviera. it was built for a king. 11 bedrooms. 14 bathrooms. featured in move sprips and welcomed the likes of ronald reagan and frank sinatra as guests. the most expensive house in the world. no biggie. then, recession hit. and poor mikhail, like the rest of us, had to economize. he pulled out and asked for the deposit back. a french judge just said no. that's $53 million, gone. poof. with squat to show for it. the magnate worth $18 billion, will no doubt fake it in his stride. he has an appetite for danger on the slopes and in the board room. >> if you live in these extremes, for you, like it's fresh water all the time. >> reporter: he is now posed to become majority owner of the new jersey nets. he made more than $3 billion
7:20 am
last year. so, for a guy like him, losing $53 million is like losing a buck down the back of the couch. and mrs. safre? she will donate the money to charity and medical research. nice. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, london. >> some good coming of it. but i just can't believe anyone can take $53 million in stride. i don't care. >> yeah. even if it's a buck in the couch, as nick put it. coming up, new developments in the search for a missing california team. a convicted sex offender now booked on suspicion of murder. are we doing enough to track booked on suspicion of murder. are we doing enough to track sexual predators like him? i am not pilot, but a son. who will give of myself as my father did to keep my country free. i am not just a sailor, but a wife. who will sacrifice today to better families like mine for generations to come. because they've always been there for us, we'll always be there for them. usaa.
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good morning. 7:24. we have a cloudy start, 35 degrees now in ellicott city at veterans elementary school. you already notice more patches of grass? that's the sign of more warm ground, that's important as we start above freezing with the next storm approaching us.
7:25 am
it's freezing in easton and dover, delaware. 36 baltimore. matching that mark in hagerstown. back into mountains with over 230 inches of snow this season in oakland. 23 degrees. they are going to get some fresh snow for the ski areas from timerline and snowshoe, as far as we're concerned snow in the mountains and showers come our way. this storm system takes a slightly northern track, passes off the coast. it will keep us in the zone of precipitation through tonight and tomorrow but as it does roll in temperatures are marginal at best, to get stickage. 43 today, mostly cloudy, a shower tries to develop late afternoon towards evening and more rain around the bay and eastern shore. west of the bay a chance of maybe up to a slushy inch come daybreak. 33, tough to stick. mainly on the grassy surfaces and just below freezing and patchy spots on the roads north and west of town. that will be a morning issue. and light snow with wet roads
7:26 am
tomorrow with a high of 39 degrees. let's check the roads with kim. >> the roads are dry this morning. we have several incidents on some side streets. northerly laurel -- north laurel, northbound lanes of route 1 at mayor road closed due to an injury accident. abingdon a crash reported at philadelphia road and valley forge road. we have a couple of incidents on the beltway, actually more so northbound 95 past route 40 on the northeast corner, that is blocking the left lane and left shoulder at this time. on the outer loop at baltimore national pike we have reports of a disabled vehicle. travel times are a bit elevated, outer loop between 83, two minutes to do that. 83 southbound between shawan and the beltway, still running at six minutes, a good time. also 83 southbound between the beltway and northern parkway on the jfx, only about five minutes now. looking downtown, no real problems through fayette and st. paul street, baltimore city is checking in, no incidents. we'll be right back.
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7:28 am
good morning. i'm megan pringle. the owner of a gas station remains in critical condition this morning at shock trauma after being shot in an attempted robbery. it happened yesterday morning at the hess gas station on joppa road. police have only a vague description of the suspect but they are asking for your help. if you have any information about this crime please call baltimore county police or metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup. closing arguments are scheduled today in baltimore in the trial of three people accused of starving a toddler to death as part of a religious cult. the three rested their case yesterday without calling witnesses at the trial for the death of 1-year-old javon thompson. according to police january and february of this year posted the lowest number of murders on record at 24. police receive crime was down in part because of the huge snowstorms that paralyzed the city. early in february. according to police records
7:29 am
back in 1996 another heavy snow winter had 43 murders throughout january and february. governor martin o'malley will unveil a work force development initiative today aimed at boosting job creation. o'malley will make the announcement at prince george's county community center for advanced technology in largo. now back to "good morning america."
7:30 am
♪ he was the second man to set foot on the moon. now, 40 years later, he is walking, get this, on to the ballroom floor. astronaut buzz aldrin is part of the new cast of "dancing with the stars," kicking off the tenth season. we'll look at the cast ahead. buzz aldrin, joining the cast of "dancing with the stars." >> i am going to predict, he will moonwalk on "dancing with the stars." i just see that in the future. >> that's very good, robin. >> yeah? it could happen. we're laughing now. >> it probably will happen. >> that's it. also coming up this morning, a timely warning about companies
7:31 am
accused of preying on the unemployed. they promise new jobs. but at what cost? and later, more than 1 million teens drop out of school every year. but general colin powell and alma powell, were at the white house talking about it. they'll introduce it in a little bit. >> she is so passionate about this and he is so supportive. first, police say they have booked a convicted sex offender on suspicion of murder in connection with a missing california teenager. they say an article of chelsea king's clothing was found near the shoreline where she was last seen running. and it contains dna evidence that led them to convicted sex offender, john albert gardner. mike von fremd is in rancho, california, with more on this. >> reporter: good morning, robin. police are conducting a search. but a convicted child molester has been booked on suspicion of murder. as those words sink in, you can see a look of despair on the
7:32 am
face of investigators, trying to find 17-year-old chelsea king. this is a new picture of 30-year-old john albert gardner, as he was arrested at a restaurant. detectives say they've uncovered evidence on gardner, that leads them to zero in on a specific location of the park, to search for chelsea king. >> we have 14 miles or more of shoreline that we're concentrating on right now. and we hope that with this specialized technology, that that's going to help us locate chelsea. >> reporter: the specialized equipment includes high-tech drone aircraft, and helicopters with infrared equipment, searching around the clock. court records reveal a shocking court history of john albert gardner. in 2000, he pled guilty to committing a forcibly lewd act on a 14-year-old girl. gardner was released from prison after five years, even though a psychiatrist told the court gardner would be a continued
7:33 am
danger to underaged girls in the community. investigators say gardner could be linked to two other girls. one, amber dubois, is still missing. and officials are consulting with chelsea's father. and another, candice, was running in the same park in december. and after seeing gardner's picture, says she is positive he assaulted her. there are sex offenders living in california. "nightline" profiled this one. >> you're going to be taken into custody today, for violating special condition of patrol, saying you will not possess or have access to children's toys, clothing or games, or other material related to children's interest. >> we find the same people commit the same kind of crimes. >> reporter: this community is outraged to learn gardner often stayed with his mother, who lives near an elementary school. experts say potential predators learn how to live beneath the public's radar and find loopholes in the law that must
7:34 am
be addressed. >> this case may become a kind of poster case, for increased sanctions around the country against sexual offenders, so they do longer time. the longer they're in jail, the less risk they pose of repeat offending. >> reporter: law enforcement says gardner is refusing to cooperate with detectives. he will be in court tomorrow. and investigators say they still hold out hope that chelsea king will be found alive. robin? >> we all do, mike. thanks so much. and for more, we're joined by the ceo of the national center for missing and exploited children, ernie allen. ernie, it's good to have you back. i don't have to tell you. people are outraged by this case. you have a registered sex offender. he serves five years of a six-year sentence. he completes parole in 2008. and since that time, is connected to three case. what's going on here, ernie? >> what's going on, robin, is that there's more than 700,000 registered sex offenders in the
7:35 am
united states. at least 100,000 of them are not compliant with their obligations. the most serious offenders present a real risk. and states are simply overwhelmed in terms of doing the kind of post-release monitoring and follow-up they need to do. >> we showed the numbers you just said there. in california, and other states, it's up to the sex offender to register? it's not up to law enforcement to register them? they have to on their own register? that doesn't make sense. >> it doesn't make sense. in 2006, congress passed a law called the adam walsh act, that attempts to address that. more sanctions for failure to register. greater post-release follow-up. but one state, ohio, has complied so far. we really need to implement that law and bring greater scrutiny to the most high-risk offenders. >> what's the use here? we saw and heard in mike
7:36 am
von fremd's piece, that gardner, he registered. but he was staying at his mother's home, some 50, 75 miles away from where he registered. his mom lives here a school. this makes the current system seem useless. >> well, the law is good. but it's got to be implemented. reality is, the most dangerous offenders seek situations, where they can be anonymous. where nobody knows that they're there. where they have easy and legitimate access to kids. we've simply got to implement the laws that congress passed. >> implement. but what are other solutions? people are hearing this. and they're just simply outraged. so, what are some immediate solutions do you any, ernie? >> i think there's a couple of key things. one is that all sex offenders are not alike. all sex offenders don't present the same level of risk. there really needs to be meaningful risk assessment implemented in every state. secondly, in mike von fremd's piece, they talked about the
7:37 am
fact that too many offenders are out. sentencing has to be improved for the most serious offenders. and the public needs to be vigilant. you need to demand to law enforcement, to your elected officials, that we do a better job of tracking, of knowing where these offenders are, so that tragedies like chelsea king's don't keep happening. >> and are you hopeful, ernie, that this can be done? that we can reform the system that it is now? >> i am hopeful. and i think it has to be done. we understand that this is a challenging time for states. that budgets are tight. but there's no higher priority than protecting the children maintaining the public safety. >> well said. ernie allen. thank you for the work that you do at your organization. we appreciate your insight this morning. and we're definitely thinking of chelsea king and her family. thanks so much. it's 7:37. time for the weather. sam champion, am i hearing about snow again in the atlanta area? >> that's it 40 degrees. that's their warmest temperature
7:38 am
today. the drive home, they'll catch up with light snow. a grassy surface snow. not so much on roads. but could be glazey. allow me to make a word up, in the atlanta area. we start with a live shot. stay up with wsb. they are the best at weather anywhere near the atlanta area. they will keep you up with what's going on today. there's the low that spins around around florida. there will be very strong thunderstorms. north florida, south florida. then, rain, a little mix from chattanooga into atlanta. there's a possibility of getting snow in there. later on, this storm will track up, by washington, d.c., philadelphia. kind of missing new york. but all of these areas could gate little snowy mix in the overnight tonight, with some rain. kind of changing over to that lights flake. i'm not concerned about collection. but i'm concerned that the roads will get slippery ov
7:39 am
bubut it is beautiful. right through the middle of the country. and all that weather was brought to you by purina. >> what is it? >> beautiful. >> it's not glazey at all. >> not glazey. >> thank you. coming up next, employment schemes. what to look out for if you're looking for work. come on back. [ female announcer ] did you know the snuggly softness from snuggle
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calm, healthy skin starts with eucerin. now, we're going to talk
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about protecting yourself against potential job scams. with unemployment at 9.7%, there is a huge opening for con artists to prey on americans looking for work. the federal trade commission is now suing about a dozen companies accused of scamming job-seekers. but what can you do to protect yourself? elisabeth leamy maz some tips. hey, eli. >> reporter: george, these scams range from high-tech to low-tech. some have slick websites. overseas telemarketing operations. others appear on telephone poles or in old-fashioned classified ads, like this one. this is one definition of the word crafty, meaning skillful or dexterous. >> i enjoy all different types of crafts. >> reporter: but here's the other definition. crafty, as in tricky and deceitful. authorities say the two definitions collided at a company called angel pin creations. >> i've been scammed. and it hurts.
7:44 am
it hurts a lot. >> reporter: theresa yeast answered an ad for angel pin creations, or apc, after her husband got laid off. the company's website claimed it would pay people as much as $500 a week, to assemble these angel pins at home. theresa thought that was something she could manage, while caring for her two children with disabilities. so, she spent apc $580 for a supply kit. >> it was not money i had to spare. the money that i sent them was in faith. >> reporter: when the kit arrived, theresa said a key supply to make the angels was missing. she said the instructions had huge gaps, too. >> i think that was their objective. to wear you out, frustrate you to the point where you will give up. they will have your money. and you are just done. >> reporter: but theresa pressed on. determined to do a good job. desperate to make some money for her family.
7:45 am
she managed to send in her first sample. it was rejected. then, her second, rejected. and a third and fourth. also turned down. >> what happens, inevitably, is that the craft is rejected for some reason or another. it's not perfect in one way. it's not perfect in another way. >> reporter: the federal trade commission says it's a classic scheme that's returned because of the recession. investigators estimate angel pin creations made $832,000 in a single year, by making, quote, false and baseless claims that consumers could earn substantial income from angel pin assembly. when, in fact, they could not. >> what these fraudsters are doing is they look at the headlines. right now, what's in the headlines? a very high unemployment rate. so, they know how to exploit vulnerabilities. >> reporter: now, theresa yeast, feels she reform transformed her own vulnerability, into a victory for others. by feeding information about the
7:46 am
angel pin creations. now, the ftc is suing to shut the company down. we left several messages for angel pin creations, seeking comment. but never did hear back. other schemes to look out for. one company sold people these test preparation materials for government jobs. but those government jobs don't require a test. another claims that you could make a living by applying for vague government grants that simply don't exist. another scheme was work-at-home opportunities involving bogus, mystery shopper and rebeat processor jobs. the things they all have in common, is they ask you to pay money to make money. >> that's the big tip-off, isn't it? >> it certainly is. >> thanks very much. if you're interested in government jobs or work-at-home opportunities, we have posted some legitimate resources on our website at and when we come back, the first exclusive interview with the bachelor and his new
7:47 am
bride-to-be. [ woman ] most of us don't get enough fiber in our diets.
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7:51 am
>> no. >> there was a woo! >> the countdown to tim mcgraw. >> that, plus the sun, is just making your day. >> that's all i need, george. all i need. >> we have a picture this morning that we want to share with everybody. it's a high-flying american motorcyclist, down under. watch this. not only did seth enslow hit a new world record, he then gets on again and hits a second world record. back-to-back. 175 feet, beating the old record. it was a harley. he soared 184 feet the second time. and the previous record had stood for ten years. >> and a lot of people thought the record was evel knievel. no. it was bubba backwell. >> where is his lady friend or mother going, you got the record. you shattered it. why do it again? >> i have to read his quote after he did that. this is a direct quote from him. this is awesome.
7:52 am
i'm stoked. >> particular man. >> man of few words. but to stay on the harley, too. >> i'm not even going to mention the way he cracked the motorcycle. >> you have to. you have to. right on the gas tank, part of his body hit and cracked the gas tank. part of his body. >> we'll be right back. part of his body. >> we'll be right back. >> i'm not going to try that. , . for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control. goodbye. even kids know it's wrong to give someone the run around. at ally bank you never have to deal with an endless automated system. you can talk to a real person 24/7. it's just the right thing to do. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze, my eyes water. but with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i get allergy relief at liquid speed.
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7:56 am
good morning. cloudy start to the day. temperature at 37 degrees in spare rows point indicative of what most of us have, temperatures above freezing. we are quiet now. some showers, rain or snow pushing in to the mountains of northern virginia. we got to pull back wide tore get a idea of the storm across the south. it's dragged down cold air and snowing in northern alabama, tennessee and to mountains of north carolina and west virginia. the storm will pass off the coast or southeast, right on the edge of the storm and there
7:57 am
is enough moisture that could drop a couple of inches of snow, ground is really warm. today looking for a cloudy one with 43. 2-degree guarantee. showers trying to move in late afternoon and evening. rape or snow showers, transitioning snow overnight, especially west of the bay. up to an inch of slushy accumulation by day break. on the grassy surfaces. isolated roads, most roads are too warm to get stickage. 39 tomorrow. half inch of slushy accumulation. wet roads out of this system. dry this morning but let's see what they are doing with your commute. the outer loop will be heavy on certain spots. fortunately no accidents or disabled vehicles. on the outer loop between park heights and charles, the ramp from charles to charles backed up to the main line. looking here on the outer loop,
7:58 am
no problems at frederick. peek at the map. incident working this morning, going to see a pair of accidents southbound, another one reported at berk avenue.
7:59 am
8:00 am
this hour on "good morning america," new details in the elizabeth smart case. the man charged with kidnapping is judged competent to stand trial. will the case finally go to trial after eight, long years? plus, looking for a new job? tory johnson is here with the five, biggest job-hunting mistakes we make. and "the bachelor," the day after. jake takes a bride. and we hear from the new couple this morning, in an interview. and the new cast of "dancing with the stars" is revealed. a "baywatch" babe, to an astronaut. kate gosselin joins us to tell us why she is going for that treasured mirrorball trophy.
8:01 am
you know that tune so, oh well. "dancing with the stars" will be back in a couple of weeks. they revealed the new cast. >> what a cast. >> it is quite a cast. it is all over the place. >> i love that buzz aldrin will come out here. >> 80 years old. >> just incredible. >> robin said he's going to do the moonwalk. >> i used that. >> did you? >> sorry. >> there's a little show called "good morning america." >> i was talking to those guys. >> in defense, you are always back there skyping with your kids during the morning. >> i listen. i have the monitor up. and i have skype. i'm also watching evan lysacek and the other guys, too. i'm really excited about this. >> well have kate gosselin coming up in the next half hour. >> i was getting my "dancing with the stars" tutorial before i came back. also this hour, we have a
8:02 am
new approach to the education crisis in this country. former secretary of state hen a's wife, alma, are on a mission to change the dropout rate. they're coming up. >> they are on a mission to change some things. just ahead, you love mac and cheese. but hate the calories. rocco dispirito whips up one of your favorite comfort foods. a and you'll never guess the secret ingredients. now, to juju chang with the news again. >> sorry, robin. did you say something? >> touche. >> good morning, everyone. we have news headlines to tell you about. we begin in chile, where troops have been ordered to stop looting. one building burned down monday, after hundreds of people stole nearly everything inside. and now, the tsunami that
8:03 am
flooded coastal towns spread more than one mile inland. secretary clinton vifts chile today, bringing communication to the government. the supreme court hears a landmark guns right case. in 2008, the supreme court struck down washington, d.c.'s gun ban. but washington is a federal enclave. this case will decide whether 2 second amendment lies beyond federal jurisdiction to the state and local level. the u.s. post ap service is proposing major changes today as it looks to reduce its massive date. options on the table, is eliminating saturday delivery altogether, closing more post offices and raising rates. congress must approve any changes. well, you've heard of cash for clunkers. what about cash for insulation? president obama is traveling to georgia today to announce his new plan to offer homeowners up to $1,500 for buying items like insulation, water heaters and other equipment that can help
8:04 am
make their homes more energy-efficient. the man charged with abducting elizabeth mart from her home in 2002, is about to go on trial. a trial date will be scheduled for brian mitchell, after a judge ruled monday that mitchell was faking mental illness. our andrea canning has more. >> reporter: after nearly eight years, the smart family is finally on the verge of justice. >> now, there's a possibility that he is going to end up being accountable for what he's done. >> reporter: a judge ruled elizabeth smart's alleged kidnapper, brian mitchell, doesn't suffer from a mental defect or disease that would prevent him from standing trial. the ruling follows a competency hearing last year, where smart recalled the nine-month ordeal. authorities testified that mitchell is generally ill. but dr. michael welner, for the prosecution, said he was faking. >> his singing in court was contrived. it wasn't psychotic. it wasn't the action of a man
8:05 am
who couldn't control himself. >> reporter: the court agreed. still, ed smart is critical of the system. >> we need to get a handle on how people are considered competent or incompetent. >> reporter: he hopes to change the laws in how competency is determined, trying to make a difference out of his daughter's tragedy. and now, a look at what's coming up tonight on "world news." here's diane sawyer. hey, diane? >> good morning to you, juju. tonight on "world news," we'll have all of the stories on the day. and i know you covered this, as well. the registered sex offender. another teenage girl missing. the case is igniting a new debate on dealing with sex offenders. have we reached the tipping point? we're going to examine it. it's a tough report tonight. we'll see you then, juju. >> we'll be watching, diane. that's the news at 8:05. now, time for the weather and sam. hey, sam. >> good morning, juju. i knew it would be a rousing
8:06 am
good morning because we have cheney university here. i might as well ask miss cheney university. where are you from? >> philadelphia. >> and how many are here? >> about 45 people. >> is this just a trip to see new york? >> we wanted to be on "good morning america." >> well. and that's how she gets to be miss cheney university. let's get to the boards. all the good answers. we'll show you what's going on this morning. the twitter picture out of big sky, montana, this morning. why? look how gorgeous it is. montana has been missing the storms. the next round will also go south. you see there's some mountain snow in california and a lot of coastal rain, as well. we'll see some beautiful weather right in the middle of the country. look at dallas showing off at 51 trees. and corpus with great
8:07 am
lots of stuff going on i in the next hour. george? >> thanks, sam. we're going to turn, now, to the challenges in american education. every 26 seconds a teenager drops out of high school in this country. it's a shocking statistic that sheds light on a nationwide crisis. one that general colin powell and his wife, alma, are determined to combat. with president obama they've launched a new initiative to keep kids in school, called grad nation. they join us now. thank you for joining us. >> hi, george. >> i know you've been holding
8:08 am
dropout prevention summits all across the country for the last couple of years. what have you learned about what's at the heart of this crisis? >> our kids are not being engaged enough. their needs are not being met. in too many cases, what they're learning is irrelevant in their lives. so, it's time for us to take a good, hard look at what you need to learn, to be relevant in the 21st century. >> it's especially important now. especially from this economy, because if you fall behind, mrs. powell, you never catch up. >> that's exactly right. it is very hard to catch up. we have organizations that provide a place. we had a young -- wonderful, young man speak this morning, who had dropped out of school. and whose life was being led astray. but he was captured by a youth bill. now, he's a very articulate young man, who has received a high school diploma and is in college. and has a future. so, we do have safeguards like that. but we have to engage them as much as we possibly can.
8:09 am
>> and general powell, if we don't, one of the things we've also learned is that we all end up paying for this. >> we all end up paying for it. it's not just a moral catastrophe for us. it's an economic problem. it's a security problem. $2 200 million americans, 300 million americans, are on a playing field with people around the world now, who have come out from behind the iron curtain, behind the bamboo curtain. they're investing in their young people for a 21st century world. and america has to compete in that world. we can't afford to lose our youngsters. it's a moral, economic imperative for us to deal with this crisis. >> you set such an ambitious goal. 90% of high schoolers you want to graduate on time. it's only about 70% right now. and president obama has put government money up front. a little over $3 billion to transform these schools that are underperforming. you think that's going to do the trick?
8:10 am
>> money is not the only thing that's needed. it's the will of all of us. and of everybody in the community, to take part in this effort to sustain and train our children and bring them along. it is a combined effort of the american people. >> if someone is watching at home right now, and really wants to help, what's the best way? >> every one of us can find something to do. maybe it's going to a school in your neighborhood who needs somebody to read. don't just look in your neighborhood. look in the neighborhood where underperforming schools are. where kids do not see successful adults. that's where you ought to go. each of us needs to get out of our comfort zone in our nice neighborhood, and get into the neighborhood where schools are struggling. where kids don't see successful adults. and get into the lives of these kids. you can turn them around. kids want to do well. they want to be inspired. they want to believe in themselves. they want to believe in their society.
8:11 am
but they need caring adults who will come in and help them. >> let me finish with this for both of you. you dedicated so much time over the last several years. why is this issue in particular so important to you? >> each one of us has an obligation for those who are given much, much is expected. what we have to understand in this country is that we all have an obligation to give back to the society that sustains us. >> you know, george, i was a public schoolkid in new york city. and i could have fallen by the wayside. but i had teachers who cared about me. and i had parents who cared and kept me in play. and many years ago, i was visiting a school in florida. and then, i went over to a boys and girls club not far from the school. and i gave my little, new york growing up story and my little horacio story and how my mother and father kept me in play. and one boy raised his hand and said, what if you don't have a family like that? can you still make it? and the kid really was churning over my whole card. it's nice for you to talk about
8:12 am
your family, general powell. but i don't have that kind of family. can i still make it? i said, yes, you can. you're at this boys and girls club. people come here and volunteer. citizens in your community are paying for this club. and you can make it if you believe. if you take advantage of the adults that come here every day, and keep you moving in the right direction, yes, you can make it. >> may i have one thing in here. for anybody who wants to be involved, there are many, many ways to be. you can go to our website,, and see some of the many ways to be involved. you can offer your service to communities and schools. you can offer your services to mentor. you can work with big brothers, big sisters, boys and girls clubs. it is the -- the range is amazing. so, there's something for every, single person to do. >> we'll do that. >> just don't sit back and say, gee, what can i do? get up and go find something to do. it's not hard.
8:13 am
>> we're going to add that list to our website, as well. thank you both very much. >> thank you, george. when we come back, cameron mathison catches up with "the bachelor's" jake and his new bride-to-be. the missouri river is this way! lewis and clark expedition of 1804. oh, he'll never get this. magellan, 1520. awww, my 8 layers must've given it away. help keep your kid full and focused with 8 filling layers... of whole grain fiber found in kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal. this is one giant leap for mini-kind. keeps 'em full. keeps 'em focused. hoo hooo! i'm from fayetteville, north carolina, ...and i smoked for 29 years. the one thing about smoking - is it dominates your life, and it dominated mine. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. it was very interesting that you could smoke on the first week. (announcer) chantix is a non-nicotine pill.
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8:17 am
well, we finally know who received the final rose and the ring. jake pavelka chose vienna. the show's most controversial figure. cameron mathison talked with the couple. he's in los angeles with that. do tell. good morning. >> good morning, robin. it's true. vienna was the woman in the bachelor house that everybody loved to hate, right? why did jake give his heart to her? well this, is what they told me. it was quite possibly the most dramatic season yet. >> i was upset because you went out with jake and came home. and i told jake that. >> reporter: and in the end, the biggest surprise of all. >> vienna, will you marry me? >> oh, my god. >> reporter: yes, vienna. the woman that stirred up so much controversy. >> did you have trouble getting along with some of the girls in the group?
8:18 am
>> okay. >> it bothers me a little bit that she couldn't get along with the other girls. >> reporter: and now, the couple, getting ready for their future. congratulations, guys. >> thank you. >> reporter: how does it feel? >> amazing. >> yes. >> absolutely. awesome? >> incredible. rollercoaster. >> reporter: you were on "the bachelorette," how did that experience prepare you? >> i got to watch jillian do this. she made it look easy. i didn't know i would meet somebody like her. >> reporter: tell me about the environment in the house with the other women there. >> the girls are like, huh-uh. competition. we're not going to like her. the girls had their minds made up. they didn't like me. they didn't want me there. >> what is it about vienna that i'm not seeing? i saw a totally different person. >> reporter: there were rumors. stealing money. a secret boyfriend.
8:19 am
things vienna says are entirely untrue. how did that make you feel? >> the first couple tabloids that came out, i was really upset. we spent a lot of time on the phone with me crying. i was so upset they would fabricate these stories. >> reporter: that wasn't the only drama. remember rosyln and rumors of her affair with one of the workers? >> i saw them on the couch together. it was extremely awkward. >> reporter: then, there was l allie, who left unexpectedly, when she had to choose between her job and jake. >> i hate to see you go. >> it was difficult to see him with allie. >> reporter: do you think it would have played out differently if allie stayed? >> i don't. >> reporter: but in the end, it came down to two. what was the process? >> it was a decision for me as to whether to follow my heart. or to follow what i thought everybody would want me to do. >> reporter: but jake was not done with the spotlight, just yet. it was just announced last
8:20 am
night, we'll see jake on "dancing with the stars," something i consider myself to be a bit of an expert on. he's good, america. look out. look out. but we may just find out. love on a reality show, is site really possible? >> yeah. >> reporter: you guys are living proof? >> you cannot control who your heart is going to fall for. i wanted it to fall for tenley. but it fell for vienna. >> jake and vienna does say they're ready to plan the wedding date just yet. they're going to spend time living together first. very wise, shuttling between texas and los angeles. and then, focus on their wedding. >> there's just a few skeptics here in the studio, cameron. do they really seem to be head over heels and going to be heading down the aisle one day? >> there was a lot of affection
8:21 am
offcamera and a lot of intimacy. if they were acting, abc should hire them. what "dancing with the stars"? they were really believable. all i could get. >> well, wish them well. >> i thought so. >> we wish them well. jake's been busy. first, on "bachelorette." then, "the bachelor." now, he's going to be on "dancing with the stars." you were, too, my friend, that we saw at the end of your piece. what advice do you give him? >> serious advice here. i would say, to embrace the tight pants, high-heeled shoes and sequins. become one with them, jake. don't travel back and forth between texas and los angeles. stay in l.a. he did tell me he's planning on doing that. >> that's quite a trek. cameron, you're -- >> i think he's going to do all right. >> i saw a few of the moves he was making at the end. cameron, you're always a good sport. great to see you. have a good time.
8:22 am
we want to know what you think about jake and vienna. weigh in on our website, there's more. kate gosselin joins us. "dancing with the stars," going to join us live in the next half hour. at quicken loans, we're making it easier for you to get a home loan. we've got a way for you to check the status of your loan online. securely, any time, anywhere. - and that's why i love... - i love... i love being a home loan expert. ♪ i love being a home loan expert. sea salts vary in color and taste. one tops them all. adding it helps us use less salt than before in campbell's tomato soup while keeping the famous flavor.
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8:25 am
now that makes all the difference. because everyone loves to snuggle! cloudy sky in baltimore. 38 on the barometer. where do you find freezing. go back in to the mountains, above freezing. storm looks impressive like it's throwing snow across the mountains on the backside of the tennessee river valley. the storm riding across the gulf coast, moisture with it. impressive spin that will ride off the carolina coast lipe. we will be on the northern fringe as it tracks in through the mid atlantic. temperatures marginal at best. today temperature of 43, above freezing. aids in the warmth of the ground. rain or snow shower mix this evening a lot turning to light
8:26 am
snow overnight. maybe a chance of picking up a slushy inch or so. cooldown quicker than the ground. the ground the roads, likely to stay just at or above freezing and be wet. tomorrow a chance of light snow, especially in the morning, temperature of 39. warming trend puts news the 50s this weekend. here is kim brown. expect a slowdown on 95 southbound as you make your way through the white marsh towards the beltway and 895 split. peek at the harrisburg expressway. a crash northbound on 83. traffic backs up to 695. if you are traveling that direction take a lot of extra time in your commute. heavy southbound. looking here at frederick on the outer loop reports of disabled vehicle on the right shoulder. not causing any problems at this time. looking a at the maps we had a
8:27 am
crash reported in arundel, eastbound, route 2. disabled vehicle on the outer loop as well. end speed times, heavy. 695 on outer loop between the 83, running 4 minutes. 83 southbound to the beltway 8 minutes. also 83 again 695 northern parkway. five minutes. jfx, volume is heavy as you make your way here southbound. back with your morning news update, next.
8:28 am
closing arguments scheduled today in the baltimore trial of three people accused of car fing a toddler to death as part of a religious cult. they arrested wouldn't calling witnesss for the death of a 10 year old. they denied him food or water because he did not say amen after his meals. opener of a gas station remains in critical condition after being shot in attempted robbery. the incident yesterday morning happened at the heses gas station. police only have a vague description. if you have information they would like to hear from you. call baltimore county police or crime stoppers. 1-866-7-lockup. 24 murders for january and february this year. that's the lowest number of murders on record. the crime is down in large part because of the snowstorms that paralyzed the city in february.
8:29 am
according to police, back in 1996 a heavy snowstorm hit with 43 murders reported from january to february. governor martin o'malley unveiling a work force initiative. making the announcement at prince gorges community college center in largo, we will let you know what happens.
8:30 am
♪ who will take the title this year on "dancing with the stars"? the suspense is building. the new cast has been revealed. revealed last night. and you'll see them again this morning. there are the guys. uh-huh. uh-huh. let's see. their counterparts. and ca kate gosselin will be joining us live from los angeles, with her spin on "dancing with the stars." we say good morning, america. george, juju, and sam across the way. also, if you're looking for a new job. we have tory johnson here again. she's going to reveal the top five job search mistakes that
8:31 am
people make. and what you need to do to avoid them. you know what we don't want to avoid or do want to avoid? it's usually high-calorie stuff like mac and cheese. but this is low-cal mac and cheese. and rocco dispirito is here to give us the secrets on these normally fatty things. >> don't eat them. >> no crazy chemicals. just normal cooking. >> and you're tasting it? >> i already had a brownie. >> you know what we should do about unemployment? just increase the cast of every reality show by 30%. that would basically take care of it. >> we're doing it. shh. we're doing it. we have a huge list of "dancing with the stars." get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about. everyone should know as you head out to door. in the southeast, the storm system will spread. some rain. a little layer of iciness is possible. stay up with your local stigs
8:32 am
stations on when that happens. the temperatures dropping throughout the day. you started at 40 in atlanta. it will get cooler as you get to the evening drive. that will be the issue. right up through the middle of the country, it is gorgeous. on the west coast, you have a little rainmaker. that's not the first one. you have one that moved on. there's another one right behind it. rocco, whihich one of these can eat now? any of these? these are all the good ones? is that one good, too? that one -- seriously? i can eat this one? 'cause i'm not going to mess with the whole getting ready for
8:33 am
spring. >> eat this one. >> try that one? okay, thanks. we'll give you the recipes coming up. all of that weather was brought to you by snuggle fabric softener. >> thanks. now, the five biggest mistakes that job hunters make when trying to get a job. tory johnson has connected with hundreds of recruiters, h.r. managers and her tweeps, to find out where job hunters are going wrong. and more importantly, how to make it right. >> you got it. >> finding the job is the first and basic one. >> it is. and one of the mistakes that a lot of people make is flooding the job boards with their resumes. the use of the internet enables us to sit in front of the computer and apply online to everything and anything, often can disappointing results. one of the things to do is to shift some of the time you spent on the internet, instead of focusing on the positions, focus on people. building your personal brand.
8:34 am
creating that brand and getting it out there. building your contacts. there's so many easy ways to do this, with tools like linkedin, facebook, twitter. we have tools on the abc website to help you do just that. commenting on influential blogs on your industry, to showcase your expertise. creating and sharing a digital resume. anything you can do to connect with other people, instead of just applying that those positions. that's going to help. >> you have to be creative in your thinking. you say, don't flood the market. but neither should you wait on the sidelines and wait for the right job. >> nobody can wait for an opportunity right now. that's for sure. and yet, the reality is, most of the time is spent applying for jobs that are advertised. that's where your steepest competition is going to be. instead of doing that, consider ways where you can create your own opportunity. where you can find an opening that is of your own creation. one of the best ways to do this is come up with a list of 20 or 25 companies you would really love to work for.
8:35 am
maybe you have a brilliant idea to bring to them. there's this small business in my area. and i think i could create a great website for that company. or i have a smart marketing promotional idea for a specific company. come up with a snapshot of what your idea is. cold call the company. reach out to them. share with them that brief idea and say i would like ten minutes of your time to share with you a great idea. and be clear in a you're looking for something that would be on a contract or temporary basis, not something full-time. that's where the highest hiring is right now, on the temp side. maybe that's your ace in the hole, to get your foot in the door. >> you share some success stories. that has really worked with people that has contacted you. >> that's right. >> networking, we know how important that is. but it's not easy for a lot of folks. >> it's not easy. when we meet someone, the first question we're ask is, what do you do? and people think it's a common curtesy to ask that question.
8:36 am
for a lot of job seekers, they get tongue-tied and don't know how to answer that question. and are tempted to say, i'm not doing anything right now. i'm out of work. don't define yourself by a pink slip. that's not who you are. even when you don't have that paycheck, you can still define yourself by your talents. so, for example, i'm a special ed teacher. i work in retail sales. even if i'm not getting a paycheck, that's who i am. and it's important that you convey that when you're talking to people. similarly, mistake number four goes along the same lines which is, not to dwell on the negative. i can't tell you how many times recruiters say they will simply shy away from people who give off bad vibes, who are negative about the job search process. the unfairness of receiving a pink slip. yet, on the slip side, there are people that are receiving the pink slip and are embracing the challenge that it brings. i know it's difficult to mask the frustration of the job search process. but you'll have so much more success if you're able to do
8:37 am
that. >> i'm glad you said that part. people are frustrated. you know, they're doing everything they can. >> rightfully. >> rightfully so. and trying to find employment. and i like what you're saying here. use that time to be prepared because it's just a huge mistake not to be prepared. >> so many times you get the call for the interview and you any, i can rest easy now. that's not the time to breathe easy. instead, it's the time to go in and hustle with your preparation. that means going in knowing what the company does. when someone sets up the interview, ask who am i going to be meeting with? tell me about that person so i can be best prepared. >> good suggestions, as always. thank you, tory. you can find a full list and job-hunting information, courtesy
8:38 am
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and now, "dancing with the stars" is back. if you missed last night's announcement of the new cast, here they are. for the men, we have legendary astronaut, buzz aldrin. olympic figure skating champion, evan lysacek, nfl star, chad ochocinco. jake pavelka and aaron turner. erin anderson will be paired up with max. niecy nash, nicole sherzinger, of the pussycat dolls.
8:41 am
and tlc star, kate gosselin, and tony. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> kate, how good a dancer are you? >> yeah. not so much. >> not so much? you're being very brave. >> she has no bad habits. that means everything i teach her, it's all from me. this is a good thing. >> he's going to be my miracle worker. >> that's right. >> you're starting from scratch? >> yes. >> it's an empty canvas and i get to paint. >> you haven't had a chance to practice together. >> i don't want to get in the middle of this. you guys go right to it. have you had a chance to practice at all or not really? >> yes. three days. >> three days? what are you seeing, tony? >> i'm seeing a loft ing ing a potential. one thing she's got is drive. she's a good student.
8:42 am
she listens well. >> i'm trying to perfect it. >> are you sore yet, kate? >> dancing and perfection is not a good combination. >> how grueling is it physically? >> you know, that's the part i'm looking forward to. i mean, beat my butt. i need to do it. >> the part -- >> that's the part i'm not afraid of. >> what are you afraid of? >> well, honestly, my mind is willing to do it. it's just like making my body figure it out. that's the scary part for me. and to be very honest, obviously, i have eight kids. and i'm a mom. and i have a very full schedule anyway. it's fitting in the time to practice enough. obviously, the kids come first. so -- >> how is that going to work? you have to balance out so much. the kids on one coast.
8:43 am
the "dancing with the stars" on another. to get this right, i assume you have to practice eight or ten hours a day. how are you going to do it all? >> honestly, my days are so filled. predancing, it will be interesting. but i'm determined to do it. there's going to be a dance floor in my basement. when they're at school, i'll be dancing nearby or in the basement. when they're at home in bed at night, i will be dancing in the basement. >> so, you're going to train at home. you're just going to l.a. for the show? >> i will. i'm going to compute back and forth. >> i'm moving in. >> as will tony. >> tony, you have twins. how can kate make this work? you've been doing this now for so long. >> well, first of all, my hat goes off to all of the women out there, that actually are moms. i look at my wife. and i'm just amazed at what she's capable doing, with four of us. even though we have three kids. i consider myself the fourth
8:44 am
one. the interesting thing about that is i always wish that i could do something for my wife. something for her, on top of everything else that she does. and this is such a great example that i think kate is setting for the women out there, the moms. even though, you're taking care of the family, you have to give yourself a little bit of something to, you know, for yourself. this is actually for her kids because, to be honest -- this is -- talk about an example of how you have to -- >> work hard. do your best. and even, you know, face your fears. this definitely is a message to my kids. do your best. >> what have they told you about it? have they talked to you about it, kate? >> i actually only told them last night right before it was announced. i don't typically tell them ahead of time for obvious reasons. and they were -- my 9-year-olds were very excited. they asked if they could vote for me. and i was like, uh, yes. >> many times. >> please do.
8:45 am
>> so, tony, you've come in third twice. is this the year? >> i definitely feel like this is the year. she came in. and i said, what is your goal? she says she wants to win. for me, that's all i ever have to hear. i'm willing to work hard. it's going to be a good team this year. >> thanks very much, guys. fun talking to you this morning. >> thank you. >> the two-hour season premiere airs monday at 8:00 easter ♪
8:46 am
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8:48 am
juju and i are in the kitchen with rocco dispirito, in the "gma" kitchen, right here. >> it is a nice kitchen. nice kitchen. >> author of "now eat this," by the way. >> comfort foods all under 350 calories. a lot of the recipes we're going today are very kid-friendly. >> in addition to under 300 calories, most of the calories have been reduced up to 90%. >> can we start with flash-fried finger-licking chicken? >> how do you expect people eat healthy food when the healthy foods are not what you want to eat? do you want to eat spirolina? flak seed? no. i got 150 dishes, the dishes that make you fat, and i said no
8:49 am
more. i'm done. i'm mad. i'm going to fix this situation. you should be able to eat fried chicken, mac and chis, brownies. right? you should be able to do all that. in fried chicken, what causes the fat? the frying and the skin of the chicken. i removed the skin. i poach it in chicken stock. i give it a standard breading procedure. and flash-fry it at a high temperature, for three seconds. >> here's why i'm so excited about this, rocco. >> rendering it -- >> when i thought i had to bake my chicken to get rid of the fat and i made myself think that baked chicken is as good, but it isn't. >> the outer quoting being super crispy. >> i have a deep-fryer at home. >> flash frying is ultimately less. >> here's the numbers. >> in the book, on every page, there's a before and after. in this case, the fat went from 30 grams to 10 grams. the fat calories from 549 to
8:50 am
204. mac and cheese. everyone thinks they have to give it up. but you don't have to give it up. i used the whole wheat noodles. a garlic and onion pure, that i made instead of the cream. that gives you the texture, the creaminess. and you get rid of the dari. and there's no fat. and low-fat cheese. pigs in a blanket. everyone loves pigs in a blanket. they're wrapped in puff pace st. >> i'm intimidated by filo dough. >> it's nice. >> i'm intimidated by it. >> you wrap it in filo dough. and i wrap it in a low-fat cheese cause in ketchup and
8:51 am
mustard and cheese. now, brownies. everyone loves brownies. [ applause ] brownies are fattening and high-caloric. some brownies have 1,400 calories in them. you understand that? that's three hours on a treadmill. can't do that anymore. this is a 53-calorie brownie with 1.6 grams of fat, that has no sugar and no flour. >> and it tastes really good. >> it took me almost four weeks to figure this out. let me tell you what's in it. black beans. the main ingredient. cocoa powder. almost the same amount of cocoa powder. espresso powder. low-fat sauer cream. and melted butter. you need to put in some of the original ingredients. >> that's just a little melted butter. >> this tastes so good. there's no black bean to be tasted in here.
8:52 am
>> i had no idea. and i had two of them prior to the broadcast. >> for sweetening, i use truvia, a natural product. it tastes great. splenda is also great. it's up to you. it's a personal choice, like religion. >> why not, pick your sweetener? >> that's really interesting. >> and put it in an eight-by-eight pan. and make it about an hour. >> is smoother better? i can see chunky in there. >> smoother is better. but i'm going to run out of time. >> we can eat this batter, right, rocco? >> yes. you can eat the batter. here's what it's like when it's done. and i added chocolate chips. walnuts. all things to bring up the interest level. >> did you like it? did it taste good? >> i had the brownie. >> would the girls taste the black bean? >> i want the chicken. >> here's the mac and cheese. >> that's the acid test of the book. i think the brownie's the hero
8:53 am
of the book. hello. >> hello, rocco. >> you ate all those brownies. and look how beautiful you look. >> i got completely caught up. recipes online. i'm working the mac and cheese here. and for more of the -- >> on sale today okay, let's do this...
8:54 am
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8:56 am
sam, we have the oscars coming up. we're eating like this. but we can. >> he just had four of the pigs in a blanket. >> rocco! >> tim mcgraw.
8:57 am
cloudy skies, 37 degrees. clouds thickening up throughout the morning. we are above freezing. that is going to be a important role if the next storm. 36 manchester. pushing 39 now in college park. pull this back, there is our southern storm. snow is wrapping around the backside. northern alabama and near atlanta georgia getting snow. rain and pretty heft rains across the coast. storm will arrive up the east coast, jump tout see from the carolinas, we will be on the northern fringe. even though upper levels we may cool on the ground it's warming off and going to fight stick aiming or accumulation. shower moving in by evening. light snow overnight or mix around the bay. slushy on the grass. inch at day break. stop and go in some areas
8:58 am
on the beltway, inner loop, green street and charles expect slow traffic as traffic begins to back up on the ramp from charles to the mainline. heavy on the outer loop. 70 to edmonson. earlier accident at 83 northbound, just got cleared. expect delays. as we peek at the maps, see the crash lingering on the scene a little bit. accident reported 70 eastbound in wood lawn at the beltway. 895 southbound, down to 2958 minute ride. 95 between the beltway and 32, 15 minutes. 70-95, 9 minute stretch.
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